COS Concerts Advance Booking Form

Below is a list of currently arranged COS events. Please select the one you would like to book, then select continue.

Date   Venue   Artist(s)
Sun 13 Jun 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   Chris Powell
Sun 11 Jul 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   David Lowe and Declan Poole
Sun 08 Aug 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   Len Rawle
Sun 12 Sep 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   Iain McGlinchey
Sun 10 Oct 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   Phil Kelsall
Sun 14 Nov 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   Nicholas Martin
Sun 12 Dec 2021    Victoria Hall, Saltaire   Michael Wooldridge