Annual General Meeting 2021

Saint John Vianney Church, 1 Stoneleigh Road, Clayhall, Ilford, IG5 0JB
Saturday 14th August 2021 at 14:00

followed by music on the Compton theatre organ by Simon Gledhill.

The AGM is expected to last less than two hours, after which there will be a refreshment break before the music.


1. Chairman’s welcome
2. Apologies for absence
3. Minutes of the last AGM held on Saturday 9th November 2019
4. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere in this Agenda)
5. Trustees’ Annual Report & Statement of Accounts
6. Election of Trustees (see candidates list)
7. Officers’ Reports
8. Any Other Business

It is anticipated that some people may wish to maintain social distancing procedures, so we are requesting that members let us know in advance that they expect to attend. Although the building is large, and there will be no problem with distancing, it is helpful to know in advance the number of attendees so that we can arrange the seating appropriately.

COS Members will receive a copy of the Annual Trustees' Report for 2020, details of Trustees seeking election at the AGM. These documents can also be read, printed and downloaded here. They will open in a new window.

If you are unable to attend the AGM in person, you can still vote at the meeting by appointing a Proxy to vote for you. If you would like to do that, please select 'Appoint Proxy' below. (You may also appoint a Proxy by completing the form that will be sent to all full members in advance of the meeting.)

If you plan to attend the meeting, please complete the form below and select 'CONTINUE' at the end.

Please enter the number of people attending:  

If your party includes a family group or a Covid 'bubble', please indicate the number of people in your booking that may be permitted to sit together without social distancing.

If you are attending alone, or if you wish all members of your group to be allocated separated seats, select '0' from the list.

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We may be required to keep a record of all attendees, so please list the names of others in your group here. If they are not COS members and/or do not live at your address, please give their addresses also.

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